• Beauty_KeepSimpleWhenPacking(1)

    Beauty Packing Tips

    Tips to keep it simple when packing make-up products   Is vacation approaching and you should really start packing? Ah, that is a very scary moment for most women, as we cannot really decide what to pack and what to leave at home. Prepping for a holiday and starting to pack is a challenge, especially for me, as I have …

  • Healthy Living_Living Fearlessly_Updated

    Living Fearlessly

    Things to do to feel fulfilled   We, as humans, have great opportunities to live our life and enjoy it to the fullest, but we let it pass right by us too often. Actually, one of the most valuable things in the Universe is the opportunity to explore the planet and have a little taste from different foods, lifestyles, activities …

  • t1

    Latina Re-defines Tradition

    I have recently finished two amazing books about feminism and I got to thinking, why is it so difficult to let go of tradition and embrace new ways of living? Is it because of the society? Do our families play an important role in this matter? Or has feminism become too extreme? In fact, I think tradition has always been …

  • Healthy Living_I am Single Not Desperate

    Living Single

    Love is a beautiful feeling, and some people seek it their whole lives without finding it. These days, we settle for less than we deserve, because it seems a lot like love. But love cannot be mistaken with commitment or friendship, because love is all of that and more. But what most women do not understand is that love comes …

  • t2

    Mama – my hero

    Inspiration can be a one special person, that magical place or that symbolic thing that can keep you motivated when things don’t go as planned. Inspiration can be found in many places and in different individuals. For me, I find it every day in a woman that seems ordinary to the world, but in my eyes she is a true …



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