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    Mama – my hero

    Inspiration can be a one special person, that magical place or that symbolic thing that can keep you motivated when things don’t go as planned. Inspiration can be found in many places and in different individuals. For me, I find it every day in a woman that seems ordinary to the world, but in my eyes she is a true …

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    Makeup Looks that rock for our sassy Chicas!

    ow to get that bold, smoldering look with a low priced shadow and a high fashion look: try a “color by numbers” shadow palette. It’s perfect for those who are timid about approaching their lids with a bold color. These innovative shadow palettes can be found nearly anywhere, from CVS to Sephora and is an extreme breakthrough for those in …

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    How-to keep it simple when packing your makeup for any trip or getaway

    Spring Break anyone? What to pack and how to prep- Having those cuticles stay flawless and the nail polish stay chip free when there is no escaping that beautiful sun and sand is tough. Getting a gel manicure will help those nails stay gorgeous during the whole vacation. Make sure to get a color that will look good with a …

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    Living fearlessly

    One of the many valuable things the universe offers us is the opportunity to explore the numerous countries, cultures, religions, food, lifestyles and activities of the world. We can get on a plane or boat to travel to faraway destinations or rent a car and drive a couple of hours to enjoy historical landmarks. Travel is one of the most …

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    Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely

    I’ve been a #single girl for a very long time. It never bothered me, but as I got older people around me constantly questioned why I was single. At the time I didn’t have the confidence to simply say to them that I was happy being #single and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead I went on a search …

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